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Unraveling Veils starts with a raid by the Taliban Piety Police compelling Salma to betray her best friend and close the secret girls’ school they run together. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Assia, a former tech executive and now soccer mom, struggles with her immigrant past in the cultural landscape of post 9/11 United States. Eventually, Assia and Salma meet in a remote province of Afghanistan where they join forces to rebuild a war-torn school. When tragedy strikes in the lives of both women, they discover that despite distance, and different lifestyles, their shared culture and blossoming friendship gives them the fortitude to find significance in the imperfect lives they lead.

Unraveling Veils is a story close to my own heart, featuring the voices of two women struggling with cultural dislocation and searching for healing set against the backdrop of historic world events. If I had to compare it with other books, I would include Sisters of My Heart, The Kite Runner and Little Bee. There is tension, adventure, humor, shock, anger, compassion and, of course, redemption.

Editorial from Encore Magazine, Fall 2018

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